Internship in Morgan Stanley

Exploring ElasticSearch to query LevelDB

ElasticSearch was setup on a levelDB cache, in order to better view and query objects.

Internship in Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Analysis of Group order methods for factorizing bi-composites and tri-composites

A research experiment to optimize factoring of bi-composites and tri-composites whose factor's bitsize is approximately known, with various group order methods such as Pollard's Rho method, P-1, P+1 and ECM methods during the sieving stage of large prime factorization.

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Malware detection in Android using Deep Learning

Benign and malicious android apks were run on an android emulator and their system call behavior was collected. The collected was analyzed using genetic algorithm, naive bayes, SVM and a custom classifiers considering different parameters.

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TextWalker: A Semantic RDF graph generator for text

A project to explore the possibilities of modelling sentences as 3D graphs to generate and simulate understanding of natural language. The text is broken down into words using the nltk POStagger. The components were looked up online for RDF definitions for better understanding. Anaphoras were resolved to improve the graph. Check out the results for a better understanding.

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Identification of brain region responsible for responding to a stimulus using GLM on fMRI data

Humans responding to stimulus is a well known fact. However, detecting which region in the brain is responsible for producing the response is hard task. At any given time the brain will be always be functioning to carry out the basic metabolic activities such as breathing, digestion, controlling the heart-rate and body temperature. fMRI scans provides scientists with valuable information of which region in the brain is active by indirectly measuring the magnetic properties of oxygen in fresh oxygenated blood and deoxygenated blood. Using GLM, attempts are made to remove the noise of background active neurons and detect the regions of the brain. Standard fMRI data sets were used.

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Pikcha: A command line CAPTCHA generator tool

A linux command line tool was generated that generated a random string/accepts user input strings and generates CAPTCHA images with various image processing techniques applied on them such as fish eye filter, gaussian noise, rotation and bloating.

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AiR Hockey

Augmented Reality Hockey(AiR Hockey) is the classic air hockey game with a twist. Choose an object lying around, tune 3 paramters(or use auto-tune) till the object is detected, and Game on! The game is played by two people over a common network and supports timed mode and first to score modes. Every user is able to customize the game elements such as the mallet color, ball color, etc.

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Daedalus: A CTF utility tool to crack open RSA puzzles

Dan Boneh's 20 years of attacks on RSA was implemented partially in a tool called daedalus that takes in the attack method and the parameters as inputs and decrypts/factors the input.

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